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Security: Worried about the security of your important documents? All data is scanned in accordance with the British Standard BIP 0008 and is acceptable for use in the Court of Law and with the Inland Revenue.

The Benefits of document scanning...

The benefits of document scanning to your business – and the people that work in it – are significant. Send your filing flying to Peak Document Solutions and you will see a number of business benefits and savings.

Save Time

Save time searching through endless files and boxes of paper. Your information can be found at the click of a button. With your documents indexed or OCR’d you can find any word or key phrase contained within your documents quickly and easily.

Save Space

Imagine your office without the paper and files! A stylish clutter free zone that can help to enhance operational efficiency and allow you to utilize the space you have better. If you are renting office space, it may even lead to you being able to reduce the space you need to rent.

Disaster Recovery

Many people back-up their electronic data on a daily basis, but what about their paper? Fire, flood or even coffee spillage! Paper is easily damaged. A copy of all scanned documents can be kept in a fireproof safe at the PDS offices at the request of the client.

Document Management

To benefit fully from the electronic conversion of your paper you can have your documents stored in a database. They can then be named by means of indexing, providing the convenience of a number of searchable factors such as a client’s name, date or a reference code.


The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 ("DDA"), which was extended in October 2004, requires that Employers must not discriminate against disabled employees or job applicants. The use of scanned documents with armchair access assists compliance with this aspect of the DDA.

The benefits