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Security: Worried about the security of your important documents? All data is scanned in accordance with the British Standard BIP 0008 and is acceptable for use in the Court of Law and with the Inland Revenue.

How we work...

The process of document scanning, taking the clutter of paper and turning it into efficient electronic records is very straight forward.

Our step by step guide to document scanning:


Peak Document Solutions will collect the your documents from anywhere in the United Kingdom.


Carried out in our secure premises, all staples, paperclips etc are removed from the documents. Where needed, the documents are lightly cleaned. Documents are separated using barcodes into single and multipage scans.


All documents are scanned to either Tif or PDF images and in accordance with the Client check list – Resolution, Colour/B&W, size etc


When required, documents are indexed in accordance with the client check list – Name, date, document type etc. Scanned images are uploaded into Alchemy database to allow full searchability.


When required, the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process is performed on the documents. Just to remind you - OCR records each and every scanned word, thus allowing documents to be searched for keywords.

Upload to Media:

Upon completion, all scanned documents are uploaded to various types of media, depending on Client requirements. These range from simple CD-ROMs and Memory Sticks to DVDs, External HDD and Server installations. Documents can also be uploaded to the internet for secure remote access.

All scanned images are passed through our vigorous Quality Assurance procedures.

Please ask if you would like full details of our QA.

How we work